What is "Capoeira"? 

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art that combines elements of fight, acrobatics, music, dance and rituals in a very elegant and magnetic way.
Performed by two people, it is often called a "game" that is played, not a fight. Capoeira is always played with a smile on face symbolizing that the capoeirista's are not afraid from the danger that is coming.The uniqueness of Capoeira will give your body physical strength, power and flexibility and your mind self-confidence, concentration, courage and creativity.  We have heard many people say that Capoeira is one of the best things that happened in their life. However, the only way to truly understand the magnetism of Capoeira is to see it and try it yourself.


What kind of workout am I getting?

Capoeira provides cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training, all of which are essential for overall health. When training capoeira you will use muscle groups that you may never have trained before so after training for the first time you can expect to be sore. After training try to keep stretching your muscles, drink plenty of water and take a hot shower or bath. And when you are sore tomorrow remember that it means you were really working something.


What can I expect to do in class?

Each class consists of a warm up, group calisthenics, and training in individual movements and partnered sequences. Each class concludes with a roda (pronounced ho-duh) where capoeiristas apply the skills they have learned in class.


Is there a class for beginners?

Of course! We will have classes for everyone including kids ages 4 and up, adults, and persons with disabilities. 


What do I wear?

Wear clothing that you feel comfortable moving around and sweating in such as workout clothes
(track or yoga pants and a t-shirt).


Do I have to wear shoes or can I go barefoot?

Some people prefer to do capoeira barefoot while others wear shoes. If you train capoeira in bare feet your feet will need to grow accustomed to the movements and “toughen up.” If you wear shoes it is best to wear indoor athletic shoes with a smooth bottom/no tread shoes that you can easily turn in.


What benefits will I get from training?

This has got to be the best workout in the world. Most importantly it's a lot of fun, and everyone in class is enthusiastic and excited about what they're doing. That enthusiasm is contagious and you'll feel it the moment you walk through the door. You'll build strength, long lean muscles, flexibility, and maintain a healthy weight for your body type. What could you accomplish with a healthier, stronger, more flexible body?

Outside of just the physical benefits of training capoeira you'll see your confidence in other parts of your life soar. By mixing the physical workout with musical and language training you'll be engaging parts of your brain that need to be stimulated. Studying another culture helps develop social skills you can apply at school, work, and home. Capoeira classes offer lots of performance opportunities for those interested, and even opportunities to travel!


Is Capoeira a martial art? 

 In a nutshell capoeira is an art form unlike any other. It combines elements of martial arts, music, dance, and acrobatics into something that can be really hard to define. You've got to experience it to really understand what it's all about.

Capoeira comes from a different place than traditional Asian martial arts. Developed during the slave trade in Brazil the martial aspects of this art-form focus more on escaping and evasive movements than constant direct confrontation. Creativity in solving problems is valued above hurting your partner.

Capoeira is a game, it is dance, it is fight, it is of war and it is of peace, it is of culture, of music, it is a portion of things.
— Mestre Suassuna